Welcome To Earthworks INC. Landscaping Vancouver

Earthworks, Inc. is a fully integrated manufacturer, fabricator, and distributor of natural stone products throughout the United States. From quarry blocks, to dimensional veneer, to cut stone, and a variety of landscape products, Earthworks provides a wide array of sustainable products to meet the demands of the architectural, landscaping, and building industry.

Earthworks operates three limestone quarries in the Midwest and is committed to protecting the environment by using safe and practical methods in production and fabrication. Founded in 1995, Earthworks, Inc. has grown to pursue both large and small masonry and landscaping projects in both the residential and commercial building industries.

Earthworks is dedicated to providing extraordinary service and premium products, not only from our own quarries, but from all over the world – from the limestone and sandstone of America, to the Porphyry stones of Mexico, to the Granite cobblestones of India.